For All Children's
Future and Smiles


KIDSDOOR is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting children in Japan to grow in a fair and healthy environment, and helping them have hopes for a bright future.

About the Organization

KIDSDOOR was founded in January 2007, with the aim of "Realization of the society in which all children in Japan can have a hope and dream for future", and certified as an official NPO by the cabinet on October 2009. KIDSDOOR has been conducting various activities such as free educational support and events for children in Japan.


In Japan, children are exposed to awful events and the environment surrounding them is getting worse day by day. In addition, there are a number of children suffering unreasonable loss of educational opportunity from social barriers, such as family breakdown and poverty. To improve this situation, not only children's parents but also corporations, government, NPO, etc., are taking actions with enthusiasm. For instance, they actually set up a website serving to integrated study for children, found science /art museums, conduct various events and competitions, and give lectures at schools. The problem is, such information has hardly been reaching each household.
The KIDSDOOR website was set up to present valuable information to parents and their children, aiming at becoming a window that connects children and the society. Children learn about the social structure they live in, the kinds of occupations that exist, and the motivations and ideas that drive various people to pursue their respective occupations. We hope that all children develop their plan and dream for their own future through the window we provide.


Our goal is to serve as a foundation of developing the society in which children live a happy and healthy life. We encourage other children support activities carried out by government and organizations, and collaborate with one another to work towards solving various problems that stand in the way of children without privilege.

What We Do

  • Send volunteers to children associated institutions
  • After-school study support specialized for children in financial disadvantage
  • Development of volunteer skill and knowledge
  • Conduct cultural experience workshop for children
  • Support Marunouchi Kids Festa