About Kidsdoor

Issue / Vision / Mission

Create a society that all
can have hopes
and dreams.

Children are the ones who build a future.
We are aiming to create a society which all children grow lively
regardless of the environment in which they were born, especially in
Japan where birth rate is decreasing.

Issue / Vision / Mission

Our concept

Kidsdoor is a supporter
of children, forever and always.

When we started our activities on 2007,
So many people believed "There are no poor children in
Japan". Kidsdoor started with our thought "If no one is
doing, we will do".

Our Concept & Message

Our Activities

Keep questioning what makes
children truly happy produced
big outcome.

Children who studied at Kidsdoor free study classes
enter University and teaches children as volunteers,
start working and contribute to society.
Our activities over years are definetely bearing fruits.

Our achievements & Annual Report