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Thank you for showing interest and supporting Kidsdoor.
It was 2007 when I established Kidsdoor as a voluntary group. It was thought that child support means helping developing countries in Asia and Africa. Everyone thought "no children in Japan are poor, they don't need help". There were almost no groups who support such children in Japan. Nowadays, a lot of media treats "Child poverty in Japan", there are laws considering child poverty issues, various ways to support children exists such as learning support and food support, and many NPOs were launched.

Through our continous activities, the society understands more and more about child poverty and necessity to help. Kidsdoor currently provide learning support and safe learning spaces for 2000 childre per year. We are happy that many children who studied in Kidsdoor cut the chain of poverty by coming back as a volunteer after going to university or start working.

On the other hand, even after 10 years of attempts, we can hardly say that society for Japanese children became better. Rather, it's becoming worth.
We keep on hearing sad news about children who pass away due to abusement. When we hear news about child suicide due to bullying, we even feel "again..." Absenteeism is increasing, children who have foreign roots suffer from less learning opportunities, child human rights are being harmed with harsh school rules such as light-coloured hair proof.

In 2007, 1.09million children were born, but we are sure that in 2019, less than 0.9million children will born. 20% has decreased in last 12 years. We need to listen to the voices of children who did not come into our lives, and give support to the society.

Kidsdoor will continue to make efforts to create a society where no one hesitate to give a birth to child and children can grow regardless of where they born.
We thank you for all your supports for our children.

Wishing for a society where all children can have hopes and dreams

March 2020
Yumiko Watanabe - NPO Kidsdoor Board Chair

Profiles of Yumiko Watanabe

Watanabe graduated from Chiba University, faculty of engineering. She was an active freelance marketing planner after working at a major department store and a publisher. When Watanabe lived in England for a year due to her husband's transfer at work, she experienced "raising children by the whole society." Watanabe founded Kids' Door in 2007 and established NPO Kidsdoor in 2009 after granted by Cabinet Office.
She was chosen as a finalist in social initiative contest held by Nikkei Inc. Watanabe released a book in May 2018 "Child Poverty - What can we do to bridge to the future". She is a member of working group regarding child poverty in cabinet office, and a vice board member of national association of child poverty and learning support.

About Kidsdoor

NPO Kidsdoor
January 2007
Board Chair
Yumiko Watanabe
Board Member
Sakura Elisa Ito
Tetsuya Hijii
CEO, Be-side Inc.
CEO, Toko group
Yuri Masanao
Advisory board member, NPO Room to Read
Kunihiro Matsushima
Audit & Supervisory Board Member, GREE, inc.
Sohei Hanawa
Lawyer, Rinoha Law Offices
Takehiko Fukuda
Former Director of Board at Prudential Holdings of Japan
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NPO Kidsdoor Tohoku


  • Established Kidsdoor project as a voluntary group
  • NPO Kidsdoor obtained legal personality
  • Started "Tadazemi", free class helps low income family to prepare for high school entrance exam
  • Started free learning support for high school students in low income family
  • Upon Tohoku earthquake, started to support children in Tohoku
  • Established Tohoku office
  • Obtained CEC honorable mention in "ICT dream contest 2013"
  • Launched Learning Labo Tokyo that works as Tokyo office at the same time
  • Board chair Watanabe participated in "Encouragement initiatives for childrens' future" held by Cabinet Office
  • Became vice chair for "National association of child poverty and learning support"
  • Selected as finalist of Social Initiative award held by Nikkei Inc.
  • Member of the Council of Experts on Child Poverty Countermeasures, Cabinet Office
  • Participated as a member in MHLW working group "Self reliance support and welfare for poverty group"
  • Obtaind social contribution award from Foundation for Social Contribution

Board member/Advisor

  • Photo: Yumiko Watanabe Board Chair Yumiko Watanabe
  • Photo: Sakura Elisa Ito Board Member Sakura Elisa Ito
  • Photo: Yuri Masanao Board Member Yuri Masanao
  • Photo: Tetsuya Hijii Board Member Tetsuya Hijii
  • Photo: Kunihiro Matsushima Board Member Kunihiro Matsushima
  • Photo: Sohei Hanawa Auditor Sohei Hanawa
  • Photo: Takehiko Fukuda Auditor Takehiko Fukuda
  • Photo: Yutaka Arai Adviser Yutaka Arai
  • Photo: Seiji Yasubuchi Adviser Seiji Yasubuchi
  • Photo: Nobuyuki Idei Adviser Nobuyuki Idei
  • Photo: Keiko Kojima Adviser Keiko Kojima
  • Photo: Sayaka Kobayashi Adviser Sayaka Kobayashi
  • Photo: Mayumi Shiota Adviser Mayumi Shiota
  • Photo: Takayuki Nakagawa Adviser Takayuki Nakagawa
  • Photo: Hiroaki Mimizuka Adviser Hiroaki Mimizuka
  • Photo: Seiichiro Yonekura Adviser Seiichiro Yonekura
  • Photo: Naoko Wakabayashi Adviser Naoko Wakabayashi