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Risks that Japanese
children are facing


In Japan, there are many children suffering from poverty.

Child poverty is a big social issue. Poverty causes a lot of negative effect.
Poverty rate of Japanese children is 13.9% (-2.4% compared to previous research).
They live at only 1.22million JPY per year.
Average income of single mother family is 2.7million JPY. National average is 5.4million JPY.
Average within family with kids is 7.07million JPY.
Per research among OECD 34 countries, child poverty rate is 13.3%.
In Japan, child poverty rate in single parent family is 50.8%. 1/2 of them suffer from poverty. This is worst within 33 countries in OECD.

Education Gap

Parents/Guardians' economic situation influences children's academic ability.

As education cost in Japan is high, research tells that if guardians income is high, children's academic ability is high whileif income is low, children's academic ability is low.

Family Income and Children's Grades (6th year of elementary school).

Child abuse

Child abuse is keep increasing.

Over 150,000 child abuse has been reported on 2018, which hasincreased 20% from previous year.
Over 50 case of death due to abuse occured on a year,means 1 child has passed away every week.
Out of families where death due to abuse occured, 65% of them were low income, described by cases such as "livelihood protection", "Income tax exemption".

Number of child abuse taken care in child consultation center.

Child suicides

332 children committed suicide in 2018, which is record high.

Top reason of child death in 2017 is suicide.
Suicide rate among age groups is decreasing in general,
however, teenagers rate has not been decreasing.

Number of child suicides.


Increasing number of children are refusing to go to school.
In 2017, 35,032 children in elementary school and 108,999 children in junior high school were chronically missing school.

Number of students with School Refusals (per 1000 students)


540,000 bullying cases were recognized in schools in 2018.

This is record high and has increased by 130,000 compared to previous year.
Although we can assume that small bullying cases started to be recognized, nevertheless, suicide due to bullying is never ending.

Unreasonable school rules

Recent teenagers are suffering from unreasonable school rules more than their parents generation.

The news in 2017 about high school student in Osaka sued school for forcing to change hair color to black while her hair was brown since birth has increased interest to school rules in the society.
Triggered by this trial, research "let's get rid of unreasonable school rules!" started, and it revealed that despite change in society towards diversity, children are suffering from unreasonable school rules and guidance.

Decreasing children

Child birth is decreasing.

2.7million children were born in 1949 at year of first baby boom, but on 2016 it was less than one million and it's assumed that on 2019 it will be less than 0.9million.
This is a big issue in Japan as social security system will face the risk due to decereasing number of people at work.

Trend of number of births and total fertility rate


Towards society which
all children can have
hopes and dreams

When children start to attend Kidsdoor classes, we ask them "what's your dream?" "What kind of job do you want to do?", some of them say "I don't have a dream". "I don't want to work, it sounds hard. I don't want to be an adult". They tend to lack in motivation to study as well.

Some people say about poor children, "they and their parents should work harder".
But "work hard" is possible when there is someone who encourages and helps when in difficulty, and tells "good job" when in success. Only when that cycle is repeated, children can realize "hardwork leads to good outcome even in case of difficulty", and study hard.
If parents and children are barely making a living and unable to get training to study hard, Kidsdoor will help.

The children we face day on day actually wish to go to university or study abroad, but they are kind and cannot talk about their "dream" and "hope" as they see their parents suffer from financial problems.

Some children hardly can have dream and hope as they suffer from discrimination due to absenteesm, bullying, disability and nationaliy.

Today, so many children in Japan are suffering. Only we, adults can help children. We don't need special reasons to help children who need help.

We aim to realize a society full of children's smiles where children can grow lively with hopes and dreams regardless of the environment they were born.

Mindset change before/after joining Kidsdoor programs


Kidsdoor is a door connecting
children and the society.
We create a society that
children can grow happily.
  1. We create a social system that has fair opportunities for all children.
  2. We support children who fell into the gap in the social system.
  3. We encourage children who are taking on bigger challenges for them to fly to the future.
  4. We become a platform to connect stakeholders such as companies, government,
    associations, communities, and parents.
  5. We will always tell the society that children carry the future and how important
    it is to support them, their family and the community inclusively.