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Number of Students

Number of Students Learning
in Kidsdoor and the Ratio

Educational Support

Learning place for all children

"Can't go to prep school due to lack of money" "Can't step up to next school because of financial reason" - Kidsdoor started our activity upon those voices. We provide free but high quality learning support for many children based on our thought "financial gap should not be educational gap".

Education Support

"Simply increase test score" - That's not how Kidsdoor think. Of course we accomodate each child's strength and weakness when we teach,and beyond, we provide place to grow personally through interactions with various volunteer staff. Children learn many things and grow through studies in Kidsdoor.

Provide places to stay

We started to provide place to stay with thought "let's provide third place other than home and school". For children who cannot have a sense of belonging, we provide the place they can relax. We aim that place can help children study, eat, openly talk and gain energy.

Career/Experiential Learning

Kidsdoor provides opportunities for children to think seriously and specifically about their future. Children can have precious experiences such as office tour, agrigultural experience, manner lessons. "I found my dream!" We can hear such voice from children through career/experiential activities.


Communicate to the society about crisis
that children and their families are facing today

Kidsdoor cannot solve all issues that children and their families are facing - poverty, bullying, absenteeism - by ourselves. We act in a way that everyone in Japan thinks this issue as "their own issues".

Proposal to government, Corrective Impact

We work torward improvement of law and rules by telling reality of children and parents. Watanabe works as a working group member of Cabinet Office and MHLW. We also connected with organizations with similar thoughts and realized the improvement of child support allowance system in 2016 and 2017.


We keep on questioning what outcomes and effects are being caused through our activities. Through 2017 to 2018, with supervision by Professor Hiroaki Mimizuka in Aoyama Gakuin Univ, we did research on background of educational gaps and presented the result in MEXT.
We also conducted surveys based on actual experiences by creating logic model for child to be independent, measure social impact, present in "Fundraising Japan 2019", while not many precedents regarding child support exists in Japan.

Human Resource Development

Our activities are supported by over 1000 volunteer staff. Through initial training and OJT, we develop volunteer staff who sympathize with children and become closest role models for children. We also do training for learning support coordinators and managers who play active parts vigourously, broadly in Japan.

Seminar, Event

We conduct seminar and event to tell about current children's situation in Japan to more people. Whenever participants say "I didn't know such things are happening", we feel how important our activities are. Request for seminar and event is welcome through the application form.

Regional Revitalization

Starting from Tohoku, to help children everywhere in Japan

After Tohoku earthquake in 2011, Kidsdoor is acting in Tohoku also. Beyond the reconstruction of disastar areas, we believe children's living environment must not negatively impact childrens' dreams and futures.

Kidsdoor Tohoku Official Site

We opened Sendai office in June 2011 and helping children because even if slightly, we wanted to empower children, school and families who suffered from serious disaster. We are seeing solid outcomes as we see children who we supported graduate university and contribute to reconstruction of Minami Sanriku or come back to Kidsdoor as volunteers.


We share our knowledge that we accumulated in the last 10years to other NPOs and governments. We support groups in the other regions to launch learning support projects and offering classes to develop learning support coordinators.

Manage Public Prep School

Time passed after Tohoku earthquake and child support has changed from emergency support to the support to develop human resources. Population outflow of young geneartion is happening everywhere in Japan, not only Tohoku. We collaborate with Minami Sanriku town in Miyagi and manage free school "Shisho-gakusha" in Shizugawa High school which is the only high school in the area.