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Food Pantry Opens with Support From Local Organizations and Volunteers

When the coronavirus pandemic put a stop to our free study sessions, we continued to support students online instead. Chatting with the children just before lunchtime, we would often ask, “what are you going to have for lunch today?”, to be met with responses like “nothing”, “every day the same thing – cup noodles”, or “there’s nothing in the fridge”. When we followed up with their parents and guardians, they told us that because there is no school lunch service mounting food costs are putting pressure on their budgets.


Kidsdoor reached out to local organizations and volunteers and formed a consortium to provide free food through a food pantry. With ingredients on hand, the children can even make simple dishes by themselves.


The food pantry is open just once a month, but we hope with its proximity close to home that local people will come by to collect ingredients.