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Kidsdoor Holds 2019 Annual Business Reporting Meeting


On October 24, Kidsdoor held a meeting to report on its 2019 activities. The meeting was held online owing to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but we were able to share information from each project site in a very meaningful way through live streams, thanks to support from the Japan member firm of PwC Consulting LLC, the world’s largest consulting firm (

Holding the business reporting meeting online also enabled people based further afield to participate. On the day, we were joined by 90 individuals from Miyagi Prefecture in the north to Yamaguchi Prefecture in the south of Japan, and even some people overseas.

At the meeting, we felt it was important to share with as many people as possible how the children are managing to continue their studies in spite of the impact COVID-19 has had on our daily lives. The meeting was moderated by a Kidsdoor graduate and included a live broadcast from a study group venue, video footage showing a study support location that provides children with a place to belong, and a talk from an alumnus who just this past spring graduated from Kidsdoor and entered university.

We were also delighted to receive messages of encouragement for the children and Kidsdoor from representatives of some of the companies that support our projects, including Mr. Hirayama from the Japan office of Prudential Holdings of Japan, Inc., America’s largest insurance and financial services body (; Mr. Niihata from Lives Co., Ltd., a company offering security through real estate projects in an age when people live to 100 (; Mr. White from North American premium skin care brand Rodan & Fields (; and Ms. Oki from PwC Consulting LLC.

The meeting was also an opportunity to present the preliminary results of a follow-up survey on Kidsdoor graduates verifying the social impact of our work, and a chance to introduce the various initiatives Kidsdoor is undertaking during the pandemic.

At the conclusion of the meeting, we received a very warm message from Kidsdoor advisor Keiko Kojima, who is an essayist, television and radio personality, and visiting researcher at The University of Tokyo‘s Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies.

Other participants shared the following kind messages.

• “This is my first time participating in a Kidsdoor activities reporting meeting. I learned that the initiatives are very much rooted in today’s reality, with even gifts of food being made in way fitting these times of pandemic. Unlike payments of benefits which require paperwork, the deliveries of actual goods show a deep understanding of the needs in Japanese society today, where it’s hard to ask for help even when it’s needed.”

• “It was wonderful to hear directly from the students, and to gain an understanding of situations on the ground through video footage, photos, and data analysis.”

• “The information on activities and results was very clear, and the speeches by representatives of sponsor corporations allowed for a three-dimensional understanding of the significance of these activities. The messages from alumni were incredibly moving and persuasive, helping many of us participating to appreciate anew the importance of education and support for children. I also think the surveys of graduates and their parents represent a very valuable resource.”

• “I thought it was wonderful how the students were at the forefront at the meeting with graduates participating and live streams from classes. It made me aware once more that it’s all about the students.”

Kidsdoor intends to continue joining hands with our many supporters to make solid advances on activities for children centered on learning support. And to that end, your ongoing cooperation is greatly appreciated.