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Online Sign Language Event



On December 1, Mr. Bryce Raynor from BlackRock, the world’s largest asset management company,

hosted an online “Sign Language Event” for our English Drive free English-language program in Tokyo’s Chuo Ward.


Participants could not hide their wonderment at all the new things they learned, like “sign language is not a universal language; it differs by country and region” and “even in the English-speaking world,

British and American sign language is different”.


They learned signs for basic conversation in both American and Japanese sign language, including

“thank you”, “hello”, and “I’m busy!”. It seemed hard at first, but everyone got the hang of it after a little bit of practice.


Perhaps the hardest part was finger spelling – signing the alphabet using fingers – but that’s a great

challenge for next time. At the end, students expressed their gratitude saying, “I’m so glad I learned

about sign language” and “thank you very much for this fantastic event!”.


The online event had a total of 15 participants who all had a great time. Even through the screen we got a sense of the fun and energy.


Thank you very much, Bryce, for hosting the event and answering all the students’ questions! We hope this serves to deepen the students’ knowledge about sign language, and inspires them to keep learning new things.