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Christmas Card–Making with Société Générale


Our corporate sponsor Société Générale organized a Christmas event

for students at English Drive Adachi, free English-language classes for middle and high school students, in which they made Christmas tree–shaped pop-up cards for each other.

The students were very prepared, having researched how to write letters in English and the best way to ask volunteers questions in English. They all had a great time making the cards.


Held online, the event presented the new challenge of engaging in conversation

while using one’s hands to create something. The resulting Christmas cards were all so unique and the interactions between participants were wonderfully warm, reflecting the true spirit of Christmas.

The resulting cards were delivered to fellow students through Kidsdoor.


Engaging with corporate volunteers motivates the students and broadens their perspectives.

We look forward to working with the kind people at Société Générale again in the future on events and activities to foster mutual exchange.