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Book Gift Cards Delivered to 400 High School Students in Households Struggling Through the COVID-19 Pandemic


Kidsdoor, an NPO tackling childhood poverty in Japan, partnered with BNP Paribas, headquartered in Europe and one of the world’s leading financial groups, on a project to distribute gift cards for

purchasing books to 400 high school students from families struggling through the pandemic. All of the 3000-yen gift cards were handed out by the end of August along with message cards of support

prepared by BNP Paribas Group employees who volunteered their time.


The students who received the gift cards have responded with powerful words of thanks and messages such as “I’m going to buy a reference book I need” and “I’m going to work really hard on my studies”.


Many child-rearing households face even harsher realities because of the COVID-19 pandemic,

but at Kidsdoor we promise to continue to support such households to make sure

the children don’t give up on their dreams or stray from their studies.


BNP Paribas Project Page


Kidsdoor supports the children and families of households struggling through the COVID-19 pandemic. Please make a donation to support our work.