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Journalist Shiori Ito – one of the 100 Most Influential People in 2020 – Visits Kidsdoor Study Support Site


One aspect of Kidsdoor’s work in providing support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic is

‘Support Messages for Examinees’, sent to students sitting entrance exams whose families are

suffering financial hardship due to the pandemic. Kidsdoor staff interviewed journalist Shiori Ito,

named in 2020 on TIME magazine’s annual list of the World’s 100 Most Influential People, to ask

her for a message of support for the students.


As Ms. Ito expressed a desire to see a Kidsdoor’s study support venue, the interview was held at

our site in Adachi-ku, Tokyo, which caters to high school students. She was so considerate,

apologizing to the students for interrupting their studies as she observed them. In the future we

hope to invite Ms. Ito to our fun, energetic sessions where the students simply enjoy having a place

to belong.


It was a fascinating interview in which we learned about a surprising incident at a part-time job,

her hard work to become a journalist, her time at university, and advice for others.

Ms. Ito’s interview will be shared in ‘Support Messages for Examinees’ published by Kidsdoor and

through our official LINE account.