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Online Exchange Event Held with Citigroup


On December 6th, we held an online exchange event between seven Citigroup employees and ten

first- and second-year high school students who belong to Gachizemi (Serious Seminars) – a series

of free study seminars for high school students.


We conducted the event across three sessions.


◆ Session 1: Virtual Company Tour


Citigroup employees explained about finance and how the stock exchange works in very clear,

easy-to-understand terms.


One of the students commented, “We’ve just been learning about this in class, so it was really easy

to understand!”, showing they felt the connection between their school studies and the real world.


It was a great learning opportunity for all the adults involved too.


We also heard about Citigroup’s different business functions. Employees spoke about the

company’s emphasis on diversity in its workforce around the globe, including people with

disabilities and of all different nationalities.


Discussions also delved into the idea of not being beholden to one’s birthplace or a single set of

values in one’s work. This prompted one student to write in the after-session follow-up, “It made

me think about how, going forward, I want to consider things based not only on the knowledge I

have gained and my own thinking but by incorporating the opinions of others.”


This shows an understanding of the idea that everybody interprets situations differently so it’s

important to listen to various perspectives.


◆ Session 2: Attitude to Work and How to Spend Your Days as a Junior High/High School



Next, the students had a chance to listen to the employees’ real-life experiences, including when

and how they decided on this industry and occupation, and any troubles and failures they faced in

their junior high and high school days.


It seems what really resonated with the students were the comments on “things they wished they

had done when they were in high school”.


The suggestions were on topics that made a lot of sense because they are so familiar to the

students: “Find a girlfriend or boyfriend.” and “We want you to get out and about now while you

still have open minds.”


After the session, students shared their thoughts.

“I want to give my all to things I can only do during high school”.

“It made me realize now is the time to try all kinds of things and make lots of mistakes.”



◆ Session 3: Exchange of Ideas on Social Issues

Lastly, all the participants split into three groups to share their opinions on a particular theme.

“How can we get young people to participate in elections?”

“How can we reduce the number of animals being put down?”

“Are you for or against charging for plastic shopping bags?”


For all these topics, opinions are split because there are no correct answers. Even adults struggle

with a response. Students based their responses on their own research into the issues leading up to

the event.


Citigroup employees listened carefully to the students’ opinions and pushed them to go deeper in

their thinking with questions like, “Why do you think that?” and “Would you support a young

person if they stepped forward as a candidate?”


This was our first time organizing an event in which adults and children discuss individual themes,

and we believe it provided a valuable learning environment offering experiences not found in

regular study sessions or at school. The students themselves were surprised at how wide-reaching

the discussions became and how many different opinions emerged on a single theme. Thank you

so very much to the people at Citigroup for giving them this wonderful opportunity.


Going forward, we hope to continue initiatives such as this for expanding the students’ learning

and interests.