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Financial gap should not be education gap.
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Kidsdoor is conducting various supports to accomodate needs of children, which is largely supported by volunteers. All supports are free and "reassurance and safety" comes first. Please contact us if you are intereted in our courses.

High School Students

Kidsdoor Gakuen
(High school)
Free course for university examp preparation
Kidsdoor Gakuen (High school) supports high school students to study.
We support in a way that students can strive for what they want through self-studies.
"How should I study?" "How should I choose what to do in the future?" Each students think and discuss about those concerns with volunteers and strive for their goals.
Career support
What's your dream? [ Reline ] thinks with children about their careers and accompanies.
Through events you can find your dream and get your opportunities to get in touch with many adults.
We support you to thoroughly think about your career by your own, instead of relying on someone.
This is where high school students can have sense of belongings beyond just studying.

For Junior
High School students

Kidsdoor Gakuen
(Middle School)
Free course for high school examp preparation
Everyone feels worried about entrance exam. How about studying with volunteers?
Kidsdoor Gakuen (Middle School) is where 3rd grade of junior high school studies towards high school entrance exam.
You can get various support towards exam such as to overcome weak points and discuss about your future which is at times difficult to speak up.
It will be a lifetime experience to study with motivated classmates and kind volunteers.
English Drive
Free English class
Many middle and high school students struggle to learn English at school. They find classes difficult to follow without afterschool support and over time give up on trying to learn English altogether. At English Drive, we work with student one on one to make learning English a fun and positive experience for any student. The program welcomes all types of learners, from those who have trouble keeping up with schoolwork to those who are motivated to study beyond the school curriculum. English Drive is designed for students to experience new ways of learning and practicing English, including regular events co-hosted by our sponsors. There's a world of new opportunity for students at English Drive.

For elementary
school students

Free study class
MIRAI-JUKU provides a free afterschool learning support to children grades 4-9 from low-income or otherwise disadvantaged households who are unable to afford private educational support. Don't worry if you feel that you're behind your studies, we'll help you catch up. Let's study together and have some fun in MIRAI-JUKU!
English Drive Jr. Chuo-ku
Free English class
Want to learn English but not sure where to start. [ English Drive Jr.Chuo-ku ] is free English course that suits such elementary school students. Our program most prioritizes that students can enjoy English. We're aiming to make a place where all participants say "I love English!"