For Corporates
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For Corporates
and Organizations

Would you like to participate
in education support
for childrens' future?

Donations, Collaborations

Thank you for your interest in Kidsdoor activities. There are various ways to support to realize the society that all children can have hopes and dreams via donations and collaborations. To start, please contact us.



Kidsdoor Support Club

Would you like to take part in solving child poverty issue in Japan and support childrens' future? "Kidsdoor support club" welcomes corporates and organizations who help us to support children.

Kidsdoor support club website

Membership fee is from 100,000JPY per year to support Kidsdoor activities. Your kind coorporation impacts "important year to change their life" of children aiming to go to high schools and universities.

Interviews, Seminars

Please feel free to contact us for interviewing Kidsdoor, conducting seminar and workshops, consulting regarding child support activities.


[ Note ]
To prioritize activities for children, we are not accepting interviews from undergraduate and graduate students. Participating as a volunteer enables you to know so much more than doing interviews. Please kindly provide your time for children. Thank you for your kind understanding.